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home or building

Colorado Delta Mechanical first opened our doors in January of 2008. Starting with just a handful of stores we have grown to service more than 50 stores for The Home Depot and are still growing, making us Colorado’s most prolific installer for The Home Depot including water heater, and core plumbing installations such as sinks, faucets, toilets, disposals, and much more. As we continue to grow, Colorado Delta Mechanical prides itself in maintaining the down-to-earth personal touch with each and every client.

Expanding our replumb services into the retail market; first with single family real estate residences and then into apartment, condo, townhouse and other multi-family communities. While expanding our replumb market, we took on the role of providing “at-home installation services” with a professional but friendly appeal.

Homeowners in the state of Colorado have been reported of finding defective kitec plumbing systems. As many states are now experiencing the defective kitec plumbing systems, anyone who moved into a new home in the 10 years across the country could have water pipes that are corroding and in some cases, may explode. Reports of faulty kitec fittings and pipe first surfaced at the McDonald Ranch residential development in the state of Nevada earlier this decade. Kitec brass fittings cause damage to your home and plumbing system. IPEX’s composite pipe, which is known as Kitec, consists of flexible aluminum pipe sandwiched between an inner and outer layer of plastic pipe. Kitec generally comes in two colors: blue (for cold water use) and orange (for hot water use). Kitec fittings have been installed nationwide in the construction of residential homes. Kitec fittings fail when they are exposed to water because of a chemical reaction known as dezincification, which results in reduced water flow and leaks. Dezincified Kitec fittings may cause damage not only when they burst and leak, but also impair the ability of a home’s plumbing system to effectively provide water to appliances and fixtures. Kitec has also been known to fail because the pipe is infused with antioxidants when it is manufactured. This causes oxidation issues to surface rapidly. As the pipe oxidizes the pipe becomes brittle. Material incompatibilities result in de-bonding of pex pipe and the aluminum layer within the plastic pipe. Aluminum can then corrode into the water system, which is very dangerous to consume.

Specializing in Repipes, Colorado Delta Mechanical’s Repipe Division is the states largest and most experienced provider of True Turn-key Kitec Pipe Replacement. While we don’t do other things that a general service plumbing provider would such as; new construction, we do offer the most experience of any company in Kitec or Defective Pipe replacement, working in finished and occupied structures anywhere in the state of Colorado. There is a huge difference. We know how to protect your home, create the least amount of disorder, we keep the water in your home operating during our Repipe and we complete the job to the full satisfaction of our client.

Besides repipe of all defective plumbing systems, we also offer a full range of installations to update fixtures such as low flow toilets and faucets, Pressure Balanced shower valves, tankless or hybrid water heaters, not to mention storage tank water heaters and more. We are also licensed contractors for the Abatement and disposal of Asbestos.

Single Family Replumb

A single family home repipe is a complete replacement and/or bypass of the existing water distribution system beginning at the transition point between the exterior and interior service pipe and terminating at the various fixtures within the residence. Our turn-key service includes replacement of all pipe fittings, stop valves and supply lines as well as the replacement of any drywall extractions necessary to access the current pipelines and/or used to install the new bypass pipelines. This non-invasive procedure also includes drywall re-finishing, computer-aided paint matching, painting of the affected areas, and patching, texturing, and painting of ceiling areas that are used for access to the existing pipes and/or for the replacement pipes.

How is it done?

There are two types of plumbing systems typically in a home a) Potable System (fresh water supply) and b) Waste System (drains which encompass gray and black water). We specifically address the Potable or supply system during our service. A typical single family home repipe can be completed in as few as five (5) days or as many as seven (7) days, with minimum interruption of water service to the residence (usually no more than 4 hours daily). This ensures that the residents are not without water for a substantial amount of time if they are present at the home during work hours. We will provide the highest quality service starting with floor covering and protection for furniture and other objects in the residence. This keeps the personal property of each resident protected from debris and/or water and makes cleanup quick and easy. The location and routing for the pipes in each residence will be determined using small, surgical cuts in the drywall. We will exclusively uses the industry’s highest quality Flowguard Gold CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride), Copper (this is the least desirable plumbing system due to cost of material), or Pex (cross linked Polyethylene) for all repipes. Once the pipes have been replaced, all access points in the drywall and/or ceiling will be patched, re-textured, and painted. All work will be completed by our trained specialists; none of the work is subcontracted.


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If my home has Kitec fittings, what are my repair options?
The only adequate repair method is a complete re-plumb of both the hot and cold water lines of your home. Generally, a full re-plumb takes approximately five (5) to seven (7) business days for most homes to be completed and does not require relocation.

What do I do if I have a leak?
Treat it as you would any other leak, including taking steps to minimize any damage and contacting your homeowner’s insurance carrier. If a leak occurs, Turn off the main shut off valve to the home. If you do not know where your main shut off valve is located then immediately notify your plumber to stop the leak and to minimize any damage to your home. If a repair is required, keep all receipts and documentation of the repair. Please make sure to keep any Kitec fittings or pipe that must be removed to carry out the repair. Thereafter, please notify Class Counsel so that we can also keep a record of your leak and repair.

What is the KITEC Fitting class action?
This class action involves homeowners in Clark County who have Kitec fittings in their homes. Class Counsel’s goal is to enable these homeowners to repair their homes with no out-of-pocket expenses. You do not need to do anything to be a member of the class action.

As a member of the class, am I responsible for attorney’s fees and costs?
In a class action, attorney’s fees and costs must be approved as fair and reasonable by the Court, subject to both notice and comment to all class members. Therefore, Class Counsel will not receive their attorney’s fees or their costs in this litigation unless a Court first approves them as fair and reasonable.

Class Counsel are also pursuing claims under Chapter 40 of the Nevada Revised Statutes against certain builders of homes with Kitec® Fittings. Chapter 40 is Nevada’s law regarding construction defects. Under Chapter 40, attorney’s fees for construction defects do not come out of the repair money paid to the homeowners by builders. Therefore, if Class Counsel is successful in obtaining repairs for class members through Chapter 40, their attorney’s fees will be paid directly by the builder that carries out the repair.