Who are you going to trust in California to repipe your

home or building?

California Delta Mechanical is located in Spring Valley, California about ten minutes from the heart of San Diego. Our office was put into operation in June of 2002 and has continued to become highly seasoned. Our expertise and experience gives us the opportunity to find the best solution available in the repipe industry. By developing a truly turn-key solution for defective pipe problems, we can offer a single source of responsibility for our clients. In turn, we have simplified the process and made the solution more cost effective.

California Delta Mechanical has the capability of serving both residential and commercial industries. We have grown our replumb services from the Southern California cities to the entire state of California. Our repipe services encompass both single family and multifamily residences to commercial establishments.

Specializing in Replumbs, California Delta Mechanical’s Repipe Division is the largest and most experienced provider located in the state of California for defective pipe replacement. We offer the most experience of any company in defective pipe replacement, commonly working in occupied structures anywhere in California. There is a huge difference in our line of proficiency. We know how to protect your home, create the least amount of disorder, and keep your residence feeling like home. We keep the water in your home operating during our Repipe and work directly with you, the homeowner. We know how to get the job done right and to the contentment of our clients.

California Delta Mechanical specializes in the replacement of all types of defective plumbing systems: polybutylene, galvanized, copper and kitec pipes. Copper is the most prevalent and dated type of piping used in the state of California. Copper tubing is very durable in most installations. It is affected by high acid (low pH) content in the water and may develop leaks in time if the high acid problem is not corrected by water treatment. This may be revealed by blue stains on the fixture porcelain. Dis-similar metals may corrode where they are in contact with one another. In 2003, installation and material for non-metallic building sewers (ABS Pipe, PVC Pipe, and Polyethylene Pipe) was approved for certain building specifications. In 2005, the standard for CPVC piping systems within buildings changed. This amendment to California’s Plumbing Code enabled the use of material and installation of CPVC in potable hot and cold water distributing systems within buildings.

California Delta Mechanical is able to provide all of our services fully turn-key. We hold all the necessary licenses that enable us to provide our service fully in house with no subcontracting for drywall cutting, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall replacement, tape and texture and computer matched paint.

What is a Replumb?

A single family home repipe is a complete replacement and/or bypass of the existing water distribution system beginning at the transition point between the exterior and interior service pipe and terminating at the various fixtures within the residence. Our turn-key service includes replacement of all pipe fittings, stop valves and supply lines as well as the replacement of any drywall extractions necessary to access the current pipelines and/or used to install the new bypass pipelines. This non-invasive procedure also includes drywall re-finishing, computer-aided paint matching, painting of the affected areas, and patching, texturing, and painting of ceiling areas that are used for access to the existing pipes and/or for the replacement pipes.

Is a Replumb Necessary?

  • Do you have Polybutylene, old Galvanized, faulty Kitec or corroded Copper pipes in your home?
  • Have you had leaks in your plumbing?
  • Do you have slab leaks?
  • Do you experience low water pressure?
  • Do you get rust colored or yellow water?
  • Do you have reddish or bluish stains in sinks, tubs, or toilets?
  • Do you want to prevent all of the above from happening?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a repipe is the only permanent solution for defective piping. Leaks are the most prevalent problem with defective plumbing systems.

Polybutylene alone will cause diminished property value as no one wants to buy a flood waiting to happen. The question isn’t if it’s going to happen it is a matter of when the pipe going to break.

If you have old Galvanized or corroded Copper Pipes, low water pressure at a faucet, shower, washing machine or elsewhere can be caused by the buildup of rust and corrosion on the inside of the water pipes. As these pipes age, the rust and corrosion continues to build, restricting the flow of water more and more. Rusty or discolored water is caused by the calcification and corrosion from the inside of the pipes combining with the water flowing through the pipes. This usually indicates an advanced stage of corrosion in the pipes. Leaks are most commonly caused by corrosion; the chemicals caused by the reaction of the water and the metal, in the form of rust which, over time, eats or wears away the pipes. Iron water pipes coated with zinc to prevent rusting and corroding are called galvanized iron. As galvanized iron pipes age, the zinc coating gradually wears away, exposing the iron. The unprotected iron rusts rapidly in the presence of water. Most residences built pre-1970 were plumbed with this type of piping and will require repiping. Essentially, patching your defective piping system will lead to more leaks as the pipes that were not replaced will continue to fail. This will also result in additional cost, equaling or exceeding almost double the cost of having a complete repipe. With the surfacing of various legally driven issues; problems such as black mold and chronic health concerns, concerns of having a defective piping system have gone from nuisance to a liability nightmare. A complete repipe is the solution that will prevent this nightmare and issues with your insurance company all while increasing your property value.

Kitec fails because the pipe is infused with antioxidants when it is manufactured. This causes oxidation issues to surface rapidly. As the pipe oxidizes the pipe becomes brittle. Material incompatibilities result in de-bonding of pex pipe and the aluminum layer within the plastic pipe. Aluminum can then corrode into the water system which is very dangerous to consume.

How is it done?

There are two types of plumbing systems typically in a home a) Potable System (fresh water supply) and b) Waste System (drains which encompass gray and black water). We specifically address the Potable or supply system during our service. A typical single family home repipe can be completed in as few as five (5) days or as many as seven (7) days, with minimum interruption of water service to the residence (usually no more than 4 hours daily). This ensures that the residents are not without water for a substantial amount of time if they are present at the home during work hours. We will provide the highest quality service starting with floor covering and protection for furniture and other objects in the residence. This keeps the personal property of each resident protected from debris and/or water and makes cleanup quick and easy. The location and routing for the pipes in each residence will be determined using small, surgical cuts in the drywall. We will exclusively uses the industry’s highest quality Flowguard Gold CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride), Copper (this is the least desirable plumbing system due to cost of material), or Pex (cross linked Polyethylene) for all repipes. Once the pipes have been replaced, all access points in the drywall and/or ceiling will be patched, re-textured, and painted. All work will be completed by our trained specialists; none of the work is subcontracted.

Pros of Repiping:

  1. Eliminate faulty piping and ensure fresh water is supplied to each fixture (e.g. Toilet, faucets, showers, hosebibs)
  2. Eliminate leaks, ensures plumbing is “Up to code” (This helps with resale value of home)
  3. Peace of mind your plumbing is “new”
  4. Warranty
  5. Eliminates under slab plumbing and is touted to the crawlspace or in the walls or ceiling. If a leak occurs it can be easily addressed. If you want to modify the system to add a new faucet in the garage or run new lines in the yard for an outside shower, it can easily be done.

Multifamily Division

California Delta Mechanical works closely with the multifamily industry to provide plumbing solutions that raise the value of the property. Eliminating the domestic hot water boiler system and installing individual water heaters in each unit, turns plumbing problems into profit. This type of capital improvement can have a return on investment of as much as 100% or more. Washer and dryer connections added to each unit, provides owners with the ability to increase rent, increase occupancy, increase the community’s profitability, increase residents convenience and increase unit value. Our sewer tunneling process replaces waste lines under a building while your residents maintain their facilities, start to finish.

Multifamily Replumb

A multifamily repipe is a complete replacement and/or bypass of the existing water distribution system. California Delta Mechanical has developed the turn-key solution to the defective plumbing problems. Our technicians are masters in mapping out the correct routes for new piping. Making small surgical cuts for plumbing access, numbering access panels for referenced replacement, plastic protection for carpet and furniture, filtering drywall dust from air conditioning systems using photo quality controls and the daily return of water supply are all part of the process we developed and perfected for the repiping industry. The repiping process we have developed is being used for apartments, condos, duplexes, hotels, hospitals and high rise buildings. We are your single source of responsibility. Our turn-key service includes replacement of all pipe fittings, stop valves and supply lines as well as the replacement of any drywall extractions necessary to access the current pipelines and/or used to install the new bypass pipelines. This non-invasive procedure also includes drywall re-finishing, computer-aided paint matching, painting of the affected areas, and patching, texturing, and painting of ceiling areas that are used for access to the existing pipes and/or for the replacement pipes. Arizona Delta Mechanical can also perform a chilled water repipe. A Chilled Water Repipe will consist of replacing the leaking chilled water pipe system with our design-build chilled water system with lifetime warranty thus ensuring that the piping system will never be replaced again.

Why choose Delta?

We truly are experts. With in-house licenses for: plumbing, asbestos abatement, electrical, general contractor, mechanical and HVAC, our expertise and experience gives us the cutting edge to design and perform the best solution in the repipe process with an unbeatable price. We have developed the turn-key solution to the faulty polybutylene, kitec, copper, and galvanized pipe problem. With the backing of the Nations largest wholly owned, Residential Plumbing Company, we offer the assurance that we will be there to back up our work. Our credentials speak for themselves, but our tens of thousands of satisfied customers speak even louder.

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If my home has Kitec fittings, what are my repair options?
The only adequate repair method is a complete re-plumb of both the hot and cold water lines of your home. Generally, a full re-plumb takes approximately five (5) to seven (7) business days for most homes to be completed and does not require relocation.

What do I do if I have a leak?
Treat it as you would any other leak, including taking steps to minimize any damage and contacting your homeowner’s insurance carrier. If a leak occurs, Turn off the main shut off valve to the home. If you do not know where your main shut off valve is located then immediately notify your plumber to stop the leak and to minimize any damage to your home. If a repair is required, keep all receipts and documentation of the repair. Please make sure to keep any Kitec fittings or pipe that must be removed to carry out the repair. Thereafter, please notify Class Counsel so that we can also keep a record of your leak and repair.

What is the KITEC Fitting class action?
This class action involves homeowners in Clark County who have Kitec fittings in their homes. Class Counsel’s goal is to enable these homeowners to repair their homes with no out-of-pocket expenses. You do not need to do anything to be a member of the class action.

As a member of the class, am I responsible for attorney’s fees and costs?
In a class action, attorney’s fees and costs must be approved as fair and reasonable by the Court, subject to both notice and comment to all class members. Therefore, Class Counsel will not receive their attorney’s fees or their costs in this litigation unless a Court first approves them as fair and reasonable.

Class Counsel are also pursuing claims under Chapter 40 of the Nevada Revised Statutes against certain builders of homes with Kitec® Fittings. Chapter 40 is Nevada’s law regarding construction defects. Under Chapter 40, attorney’s fees for construction defects do not come out of the repair money paid to the homeowners by builders. Therefore, if Class Counsel is successful in obtaining repairs for class members through Chapter 40, their attorney’s fees will be paid directly by the builder that carries out the repair.