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Scottsdale Repipe Article

21 Mar

What problems are associated with Kitec fittings?
The Kitec plumbing system is for residential use and has been widely used throughout Clark County. The Kitec plumbing system consists of plastic-coated aluminum pipes and brass fittings. The brass fittings used to connect Kitec pipe are the subject of this lawsuit. This lawsuit alleges that Kitec brass fittings are defective because they dezincify. Dezincification is a process whereby zinc leaches from brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc, thereby creating a white powdery buildup on the inside of the fitting and a weakening of the brass fitting. Dezincification can lead to, among other things, restricted water flow and an increased likelihood of the brass fitting leaking or breaking.

How do I find out whether I have Kitec in my home?

A home plumbed with a Kitec plumbing system may have a yellow or neon sticker on the inside panel of its electrical box. However, before you check, please be sure that you have experience with the location and safe use of your home’s electrical panel box. The purpose of these stickers is to alert electricians regarding proper electrical grounding procedures for nonmetallic plumbing. Often, homes with Kitec plumbing will have stickers that say “Kitec” or “Plumbetter.” Thus, if you find such as sticker in your electrical panel box, it is likely that your home contains Kitec brass fittings.

However, please be aware that stickers were sometimes used indiscriminately to warn of nonmetallic plumbing systems other than Kitec. It is therefore possible that your home does not contain Kitec plumbing even if you find a yellow sticker in the electrical panel box. Similarly, many homes that contain Kitec plumbing do not have stickers in their electrical panel boxes. Thus, if your electrical panel box does not reveal a sticker indicating that Kitec was installed in your home, you may need to have your home inspected to determine whether it was plumbed with Kitec. In order to have a definitive Kitec verification, drywall penetrations must be made.

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