Copper Pipe Replacement

What is a Copper Repipe?

Do you have Copper Repipe in your home?

What is a Copper Repipe?

Copper repipe is a complete replacement of the faulty copper potable water system in a home. All pipe, fittings, stop valves and supply lines are replaced with either Flowguard Gold CPVC (Delta recommended pipe), new Copper or Aquapex (not available in all states). Most re-pipe jobs take around 4 days, with minimum interruption of water service (up to 4 hours daily), ensuring the livability of the home.

What makes it fail?

Localized corrosion, or “pitting” corrosion, is a major cause of failure in copper household plumbing. It’s important to investigate copper corrosion because copper is popular in household plumbing. However, after only a few months following the installation of copper plumbing, pitting can lead to pipe failure in the form of pinhole leaks. The cost of plumbing repair and the associated expense of repairing water-damaged items can be excessive. Additionally, pinhole leaks may go undetected in walls or basements for months, providing an ideal environment for the growth of mildew or mold. As a result, many homeowners choose to replace their entire plumbing system to avoid the hassle of continually repairing damages caused by copper pitting. Copper pitting corrosion remains poorly understood despite a number of reports released in recent years. There have been cases of copper pitting problems in waters having high pH, low alkalinity, and significant levels of sulfate and chloride. In some of those cases, aluminum, silica, total inorganic carbon, and other materials have been implicated as the cause of pitting. Also, the role of orthophosphate as a corrosion inhibitor and reducer of the pitting tendency of water has shown some promise.

Why Replace your old copper plumbing?

  • COPPER SCALE BUILDUP DECREASES THE WATER FLOW AND PRESSURE.Copper naturally scale with age, decreasing the diameter of the pipe and restricting water flow. Since there isn’t a way to effectively remove buildup , most of the times homeowners with scaled copper pipes are forced to re-pipe the entire potable water system.
  • LOWER RESILIENCE TOWARD HIGH TEMPERATURE.Old copper pipes tend to fail more often when water temperature is above 140 degrees.
  • COSTLY TO REPAIR.Instead of repairing continuous small pinhole leaks while risking to developing toxic black mold, it comes out far more cost efficient to replace your entire water supply system.

Why choose Delta?

We truly are experts. With in-house licenses for: plumbing, asbestos abatement, electrical, general contractor, mechanical and HVAC, our expertise and experience gives us the cutting edge to design and perform the best solution in the repipe process with an unbeatable price. We have developed the turn-key solution to the faulty polybutylene, kitec, copper, and galvanized pipe problem. With the backing of the Nations largest wholly owned, Residential Plumbing Company, we offer the assurance that we will be there to back up our work. Our credentials speak for themselves, but our tens of thousands of satisfied customers speak even louder.