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The AC Maintenance Checklist

Dec 13, 2013 Comments Off by

Maintain your equipment at peak performance by allowing Delta mechanical to do your annual pre seasonal checkups. It is important that you do regular checkups to prevent future problems and unwanted costs. Remember that most service professionals will be busy in the seasons of summer and winter; hence common sense suggests that having a professional […]

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5 Tips to keep your AC running

Dec 12, 2013 Comments Off by

These are some tips that you can implement to help run your AC efficiently.  You can use these tips to properly maintain your AC unit so that you don’t incur future costs. Ducts matter a lot An Ac unit might not be producing enough cold air this might be due to duct leakage. It can […]

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Should you install a rooftop AC

Dec 11, 2013 Comments Off by

Around 87% of all homes in USA use some sort of air conditioning. The most popular types of Air conditioning units are wall mounted and central, however most businesses prefer roof top units and this is becoming increasingly popular in households as well. So the question remains why install a roof top units? HVAC Basics […]

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What is Air Conditioning?

Dec 10, 2013 Comments Off by

The name air conditioning was coined by G.B Wilson. In laymen terms an AC is anything that provides you with cold air. The consumer should be aware of how an air conditioner works that’s why Delta mechanical will provide you with 5 useful information’s that are vital to know about an Ac unit. The Workings […]

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HVAC Specialists Throughout The USA

Dec 09, 2013 Comments Off by

Delta Mechanical is the industry leader of The HVAC service industry. Whether it is repair, maintenance or installation, with its highly dedicated team of professional’s delta ensures that you beat the heat all summer long. From Phoenix Arizona to Grand Rapids Michigan, our dedicated and professional team of maintenance engineers are on call to cater […]

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