Boiler to Individual Water heaters

What is it?

Boiler Conversion is the replacement of the central hot water heating system with individual water heaters for each residence in a multifamily structure. Our turnkey service includes the removal of the existing boiler, repiping all units to accommodate individual water heaters, installation of the new water heaters, as well as refinishing, computer-aided paint matching, painting of the affected areas, and patching, texturing, and painting of ceiling areas that are used for access to the existing pipes and/or for the replacement pipes. We can also submeter each individual unit so that the accountability for the water bill rest solely with the tenant.

Why do you need it?

  • Are you taking on additional expenses for water service?
  • Are you forced to shut off water service to your entire property to fix/repair a single unit?
  • Are you wasting endless amounts of money to repair your domestic water boiler and/or water distribution piping?
  • Do you want to increase your ROI by leaps and bounds and save up to 40% of your current water service costs?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the questions, then a boiler conversion is the remedy for all of your concerns. Providing water services for all of your residents is a very costly position to be in. Converting your boiler to individual water heaters puts the responsibility back into the hands of the residents. By submetering each unit, you are allowed the opportunity to hold each resident accountable for their water usage and virtually eliminate utility costs; including the cost to heat the water. The liability and hassle of dealing with full water system shutdowns every time there is an issue in a single residence becomes non-existent. With individual water heaters in each unit, problems can be easily repaired without impacting the other residents on your property.

How is it done?

Delta Mechanical will design and install a hot water system within each unit, eliminating the central hot water system and associated hot water supply and return line. A typical boiler conversion can be completed within two/four days per unit, with minimum interruption of water service to the residence (usually no more than four hours daily). This ensures that the residents are not without water for a substantial amount of time if they are present at the home during work hours. We will abandon the old boiler, repipe each unit and perform the minor electrical/gas work to prepare for the new water heaters. We start with floor covering and protection for furniture and other objects in the residence, since the boiler conversion will require repipes in each unit. This keeps the personal property of each resident protected from debris and/or water and makes cleanup quick and easy. The location and routing for the pipes in each residence will be determined using small, surgical cuts in the drywall. We will exclusively uses the industry’s highest quality Flowguard Gold CPVC, Copper, or Aquapex (please call for availability) for all of the repipes. Once the pipes have been replaced, all access points in the drywall and/or ceiling will be patched, retextured, and painted. All work will be completed by our trained specialists; none of the work will be subcontracted.

Why choose Delta?

We are your single source of responsibility! Delta has developed a number of turnkey solutions specifically for multifamily structures. To ensure that your entire project runs smoothly, you can count on decades of experience through hundreds of thousands of past projects replacing water systems in finished and unfinished structures nationwide. Our master technicians are rigorously trained and retrained to ensure that you have the most knowledgeable professional working on your project. Making small, surgical cuts in the drywall for plumbing access, keeping the number of access panels for referenced replacement to a minimum, utilizing plastic protection for carpet and furniture, filtering drywall dust from air conditioning systems, using photo quality controls, and returning the water supply daily are all part of the process we have developed, perfected, and instilled as the industry standard.