Need To Replace Your Pipes? Delta Mechanical Offers the Best Solutions and Prices for Defective Pipe Replacement

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Delta Mechanical is America’s Leading Pipe Replacement Company

Delta Mechanical is the largest plumbing company in the United States of America. Innovation has led the way in making Delta the nation’s leader in the plumbing industry for re-piping.  By developing a truly turnkey solution for defective pipe replacement, Delta Mechanical has simplified the process and made it more cost effective for you.

Having an efficient and trouble-free plumbing system means having the proper pipes.  Sounds simple enough, right?  But unfortunately, sometimes that is not the case.  Some materials that seemed ideal for plumbing systems in the past turned out to be big mistakes.  Some property owner’s are finding they need to do entire pipe replacement to fix their plumbing problems.

Most older pipes today are made of galvanized steel.  Before this, pipes were made from cast iron.  Starting in the 1970s, cast iron began to be replaced with new materials.  Sometimes the results were disastrous.

Sold from 1995-2007, one such material was Kitec, a flexible aluminum pipe between inner and outer layers of plastic pipe, color-coded orange for hot water and blue for cold water.   Problems soon became evident, however, when the copper fixtures for Kitec pipes began to burst and leak, sometimes in just a few years.  It turns out that Kitec fittings fail due to a chemical reaction called dezincification.  Kitec looked like a good, new alternative to cast iron, but instead is a plumbing disaster, even resulting in numerous lawsuits all across the country.  Many people today that are having plumbing problems are finding out the cause: Kitec fixtures and pipes.  The only solution to that problem is to replace the entire system with better materials.  A knowledgeable and reputable plumbing company must be called in to address this important task.  Delta Mechanical has the experience and expertise and is the best choice for replacing Kitec pipes, as well as other defective pipes. 

Polubutylene plumbing systems are another source of plumbing trouble for property owners.  Polybutylene, or plastic pipes, were hailed as the “pipe of the future” and were sold from 1978 through 1995.  But it, too, was a plumbing mistake.  The pipes tend to weaken and become brittle due to chemical reactions with oxidants in the public water supply.   Polybutylene is no longer used in the plumbing industry in the U.S. or Canada.  Yet, many people still have serious plumbing problems and property damage caused by this defective plumbing material, enough to warrant a polybutylene pipes class action lawsuit.  Delta Mechanical can help any property owner replace their defective polybutylene pipes, or any others, for that matter.

Defective Pipes

 A quote from our website sums it up this way:

Delta Mechanical Inc. is the leader and innovator in the re-pipe industry; faulty Polybutylene, Kitec, Copper, and Galvanized pipe replacements are our expertise. Our state of the art procedures and white-collar customer service continue to bolster our reputation as the number one plumbing company in the nation. We offer the utmost in professionalism, quality and workmanship for each and every one of our customers. All of our office personnel are courteous and knowledgeable and provide our clients with informed answers and honest advice to help resolve their issues. Our installers are rigorously trained and have undergone background checks, providing an unprecedented level of quality and assuredness unmatched by any other plumbing company.

  To contact Delta Mechanical, call 1-866-40-DELTA or visit our website.



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